Mayo Chiki! – 09

This post is late by more than a week! But nevermind that, let’s have some meido Usamin!

Usami ropes Jirou in to help in the maid cafe where she works as a part-time worker. Iya, the meido fuku fits Usami pretty well, doncha think? ;D

Kanade drops in on the two like a bombshell.

Ooooh, can’t deny that, Usami.

Oh, Kanade you too good. Feed me too, Usami!

Poor guy. ;A;

W-W-What, YuiKaori cameo? :DDDDD

Yay Ogura Yui! \o/

Two more part-time workers join in! We have meido Nakuru and meido Kureha! *nosebleed*

Poor door. Konoe has to work at this butler cafe to pay for the door she damaged. ;A;

Mirai Suenaga cameo! Also, Danny Choo’s name’s in the credits as well~

Herp derp, Jirou’s in another awkward situation~

Kanade takes this opportunity to accuse Jirou of having a maid fetish. Iya, we all knew that, Jirou. =w=

No one believes you now, Jirou.

Kanade gives the perfect solution to prove that Jirou does not have a maid fetish. Good one.

Usami shows Jirou her garter belts and er…Jirou almost fails the test when Konoe appears. Gosh Jirou, you pervert.

Also, nice ringtone you have there for Jirou, Usami.

And Jirou and Konoe are now best friends! ;A;

Next episode:

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Pantsu Haiteru Wake ga Nai!

NakuruxUsami yuri play? ;A;

Also, Usami in a butler uniform!

More tenchou-san? And more YuiKaori? :DDDD

Ooooh, mini-Kureha as well! :D


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