Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – 10

Looks like phantasmagoria isn’t for everyone. ;D

I guess we’re done with the Camille and Claude’s storyline? Really? Okay, let’s move on to Claude’s dad, then.

So yes, in case you people forgot, Claude actually has a father (yes, he has a mother too, go figure). Apparently his father was kinda strict and didn’t communicate much with his kid. Strained relationships, I presume. We shall see.

Anyway, Claude leaves to take on a job, Oscar takes the image projector out and projects some images of monsters on the white unused cloth.

LOL’d when Alice fell off her chair and Yune started crawling on the floor out of fear.

All these projecting of images remind Yune of her sister, who used to play with Yune during sunset, where they could use their hands and the shadow casted to form images. Mmhm, I used to do that too.

Oscar shows her this spinning wheel thingy that shows a moving scene when spun, much like a flipbook, except that it’s a circular disk with individual scenes on it instead of individual scenes on pages.

Yune attempts to make her own moving picture. Neko neko!

Oh Yune, you so cute! Also, dat nekomimi! :D

And the episode ends with Alice going home after the phantasmagoria show, which Oscar and Alan put up.

Nothing much this episode, really, except that more on Claude’s past was revealed. He seems to want to surpass his late father (yes, passed away).

Also, seems like there’s something going on with Yune’s sister, not sure what it is at the moment, but it does seem like something sad happened to her given the hints of sadness in Yune’s voice whenever her sister’s brought up.

Illness, perhaps? >_<

Next episode:

Looks like we’ll be seeing the answer next episode. Which happens to be released today. Oh dear, I gotta catch up on my anime already. D:

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