Hanasaku Iroha – 24

"Yoshaa, Ohana's finally given me an answer after 24 episodes!"

Ohana gives Ko an answer! Finally like, after 24 episodes!

Apparently everyone’s spirits seems to be down now that the Kissuiso’s going to be closed down, Minko finds out that Ren and Tohru have been scouted by another inn and will be working there soon. Without her, yes.

Sad Minko is sad.

LOL at this subplot all of a sudden.

"...is actually the great me, Jiroumaru!"

Even more LOL at the sudden revelation that Jiroumaru’s actually the author of the manga series that Minko and Tohru looked up to. Must’ve been hard for them. wwww

It seems that Kissuiso has appeared on the cover of some travel magazine, and now the inn’s flooded with reservations.

Despite that, Sui still decides to close down the inn. No questions asked.

And Nako isn’t very happy about it. Angry Nako is awesome Nako. 8D


Holy shit, Sui enters the bath.

My reaction is pretty much the same as Nako’s. Holy shit, man.

Nako being intimidated by Sui wwwww.

This is just…fabulous max. I don’t even know how Sui does all that.

And it seems that this’ the reason Sui’s closing down the inn. But still…

Seems like Ohana has the ability to make anyone laugh. Treasure this scene, it might be the only few times we see Sui laugh.

Has she even laughed like this for the past 24 episodes? ;A;

And it seems that Enishi has led the staff of Kissuiso on some sort of open revolt against Sui by accepting reservations and running the inn on without her orders. While Sui…goes to prepare for the Bonbori Festival with Ohana.

Tension increases and— oh, episode ends. As expected.

Next episode:

Confirmation of the MinkoxOhana yuri pairing? xD

We all love Kissuiso, don’t we! Kissuiso ga daisuki!

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