Hanasaku Iroha – 25

Sure is drama is here.

So Nako speaks her mind about Kissuiso after seeing her colleagues overwork themselves.

She’s not the only one, though. Ohana realizes that the Kissuiso she loves is no more after the crew tries desperately to save Kissuiso.

Honestly though, what were the adults thinking? If Nako hadn’t spoken up Kissuiso would’ve self-destructed.

And roles have been reversed, Ohana doesn’t speak her mind? What a surprise.

Guys, this is why you do not sleep at 2 in the morning.

Everyone overworks herself. Minko sleeps less than four hours a day, and has to go to school as well as work in the kitchen. Must be mentally draining.

I should know, since I’ve been sleeping for less than four hours a day for the past two weeks. ;A;

Ren’s breaking down from the pressure, and as Kissuiso runs understaffed, arguments rise between the crew…

In other words, Kissuiso’s imploding on itself.

As mentioned, Nako’s the only one other than Ohana who realizes that Sui has a motive behind closing down Kissuiso instead of trying to revolt like the rest of the crew’s doing.

Took her some time to realize that, though. :<

Ohana takes this opportunity to talk to Sui about having Ko visit the Kissuiso. Sui offers her room to Ko (’cause she’s really nice).

Ohana thinks Sui’s sick wwww.

You were asking for the forehead flick, Ohana.

But Sui really is nice. What a contrast from the devilish grandmother from the start of the series.

Tomoe sprains her leg afterwards, resulting in Sui coming out to cover for her. See, that’s what you get for being bitchy, Tomoe.

Haven’t we heard this many times already? xD

Never doubt the Shijima women.

Satsuki comes to help too! And soon Ohana realizes that the Kissuiso she loves is back with everyone working together instead of being stupid like they did at the start of the episode.

They’re still overworking, though. :<

Enjoy the ending of the second last episode of Hanasaku Iroha with an absolutely wonderful picture of the Bonbori Festival~

Next episode:

A wrap-up of the OhanaxKo relationship? Been waiting for it for 26 episodes already.

And Hanasaku Iroha ends next week! The day has finally come! *tearing* ;_;

Give me an ending which will make me remember Hanasaku Iroha forever, P.A. Works!

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