Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – 11

A picnic at the park! Om nom nom.

No food, no life!

Yune doesn’t have very high alcohol tolerance, does she? wwww

Not like I’m one to speak, though. xD

Don’t get addicted to alcohol, Yune! www

Another Uchiha sinner---- *gets shot*

Things get serious, though. Yune’s reminded of her sister, who had light blue pupils. Since her sister was unhappy about her eye colour (people shunned her because of it), Yune wished that her sister could see only her so that she wouldn’t be so sad.

Turns out that, her sister lost her sight in the end (for reasons related to her eye colour, I presume?). And Yune’s blaming herself for it.

Oscar works some “magic” and manages to console Yune in the end.

And Claude still isn’t revealing about his past. So unfair. ;_;

Pretty touching episode, although it took quite a while before the main event kicked in. Will be interested to see how they end it off next episode. Hope it’ll end off just as well as it started.

No more Ikoku Meiro no Croisée after the next episode! Somehow I’m already missing it. ;A;

Next episode:

Run Claude, run.

More of Yune and the neko(s)? :D

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