Mayo Chiki! – 10

I wish my 16th birthday was as awesome as Kureha's. ;_;

Happy birthday, Kureha!

Party at Usami’s house!

Wait, what…are those things behind the sofa? ;A;

A Konoe dakimakura for Kureha wwwww. Amazing how Usami made that all by herself.

What the hell you doing, Nakuru. wwwww

Flashback to mini-Kureha, 6 years of age!

Jirou really is a good brother, eh?

Let that be a lesson to you, Jirou: never forget your imouto’s birthday.

You can probably imagine how sad Kureha was when she found out her dear brother forgot about her birthday.

So Jirou’s learnt his lesson and promised never to make Kureha that sad again and gives her…a giant polar bear this year. ._____.

D’aww. Quite the touching ending for this episode.

Also, LOL at Usami getting trolled by Kanade’s game at the end of the episode.

Next episode:

Lolwut, “nyu”?

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