Hanasaku Iroha – 26

Starting with a bang, end with a bang. Bonbori festival!

"adsfsdfkjsdahf I've been waiting for this moment for 26 episodes already I'm so touched, Ohana."

Ohana finally confesses. Thanks, we’ve been waiting for 26 episodes already.

The yakisoba of love.

D’aww the yakisoba stand owner’s so sweet.

"D...o me, Ohana."

I’m really curious about the thing Ko wanted to say wwww.

Tsk Jiroumaru, don’t go ruining things even at the last episode.

Putting aside all this lovey-dovey stuff aside, it seems that we did indeed have a proper closure to this series.

What happens in the end (not necessarily in chronological order):

Enishi decides to go along with Sui’s wish to close down the inn as he decides that he needs more training in inn management.

Kissuiso’s closed down, duh.

Beanman goes over to live with his awfully cute grandchildren.

Ren gets a job somewhere else but still cracks down under pressure.

Minko applies to be a chef with help with Tohru. She doesn’t have a place to stay at the moment, though.

Nako goes to teach kids swimming because she’s that awesome.

Yuina continues studying and picks up French. Impressionnant. Also, it seems that she’s kept a bag tag with the photo she took with Ohana, Minko and Nako in episode 18.

Tomoe finds a job in a restaurant and…hits (on) people. ._.

Jiroumaru continues writing. Let’s hope never to see any of that erotic writing ever again, please.

Ohana returns to Tokyo with Ko, and promises to come back to Kissuiso one day to continue Beanman’s job.

Sui waits for Ohana to return while working at a friend’s place.

Such a good ending. Would say that I’m thoroughly pleased with this ending. To be honest, I was expected Ohana to take on the role of being the next Madam Manager (like, after a timeskip of sorts), but this works out pretty fine too. Brings some sort of a closure to the end of the series, but yet leaves some space for continuity. Second season anyone?

If I have to say one thing I didn’t really like about Hanasaku Iroha, it would Jiroumaru. I mean, seriously, he’s just some useless pervert writer that does nothing much to the story. Makes me wonder why Nako even saved him back in episode 3.

Takako’s the same to a certain extent, although I started to stop disliking her after some character development. Enishing is possible!

Oh well.

Final thoughts and ratings at the bottom while I say my goodbyes to such an awesome anime. ;_;

Good bye to everyone at Kissuiso.

Good bye, Nako. I loved your smile, your voice and your personality. Heck, I liked everything about you. Yes, your seiyuu too.

Good bye too, Minko. Also, good bye to that giant sushi plushie. I hope to get that one day when I visit Tokyo.

Good bye, Kissuiso. ;_;

Good bye, Hanasaku Iroha. Although I’m keeping my hopes up for a second season because you were dropping hints of a potential second season. Hope BD sales warrant that and you weren’t trolling.

So, final thoughts?

Final thoughts

Overall: 9/10
Gotta admit, it’s a really good anime. Enjoyed it thoroughly, even though there was a lot of drama sometimes.
Story: 8/10
Really good story, stretched well over 26 episodes. Too bad some episodes focused too much on side-characters (yes, Jiroumaru, I’m talking about you), reducing precious time for character development. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that Nako’s character development time is too little.
Art: 9/10
Kishida Mel’s art ftw. Even though the anime art was based on Kishida-sensei’s character designs, it replicates the art to a pretty good degree (even though I still like the original character designs :3).
Animation: 8/10
Animation generally is fluid, although the animation quality does drop in a few episodes. Good nevertheless.
Music: 9/10
The OPs and EDs, done really good by nano.RIPE, sphere and Clammbon. Add the insert songs too, played at apt times. Adds so much to the emotional scene.
Rewatch value: 7/10
Will rewatch if I have the time. Episodes 18-26 are really too good to watch only once.

Favorite character: Nako. No prizes for guessing why.
Favorite episode: Every episode’s a treasured episode, but if I have to say, it would be episode 25.

Once again, good bye, Hanasaku Iroha. I shall miss blogging about you every week.

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