Mayo Chiki! – 11

Sure is hot in here.

New school term, and with that, newer and more extreme methods to cure Jirou’s gynophobia!

asdasdlkasjdlaskdjas what is this, this is WAY too extreme! *nosebleed*

Kanade gets the hiccups afterwards and it happens to be in the form of adding “nyu” after her sentences.


Apparently Kanade’s hiccups have the ability to attract males (since y’know, it makes her SOOOO cute). Herp.

Also, mini-Kanade is SOOOOOO cute. :D

The comedy takes a turn for seriousness after Kanade slips and falls down the stairs after a bout of carelessness which results in…

…Konoe being fired as a butler since she failed to protect Kanade.

It wasn’t actually Konoe’s fault but still…

Resolution in the next episode? :D

Next episode:

Punyuru is back!

Next episode, go!

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