Mayo Chiki! – 12

Oh, hi there, Punyuru.

So Konoe attends school with her Punyuru alias and manages to deceive everyone (okay fine, maybe except Kanade, Jirou and Usami).

She still wants to be a butler though. And Jirou will do whatever he can to fulfill that wish, because he’s Jirou.

D’aww, Jirou. Looks like everyone participated in a joint effort to petition for Konoe to be reinstated as a butler so…

Konoe’s back to being a butler, yay!

Jirou, you lucky bastard.

And a thank-you kiss. Lucky Jirou. D<

And everything’s now back to square one. Seems like the ending for Mayo Chiki!…

Wait, what, there’s a…

Next episode:

A next episode? O:

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