Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai! – 01

Yozora’s recruiting people to the Neighbour’s Club! Where do I sign up?

The Haruhi moment.

The Sena moment. alsdkjalksdja Sena so cute! ;A;

Dat Kanae Ito ojou voice! I want!

Ah, my heart just melted. Accept her, Yozora!

Step of me please, Sena-sama! ;A;

Kanae Ito’s S-voice. DO WANT.

And as Yozora puts it,

Ohoho such wisdom from Yozora! ;D

Loving BokuTomo so far. And it’s not just because of the seiyuus involved. *coughKanaeItocough*

The OP’s pretty catchy, too. As expected of Tom-H@ck.

Looking forward to more Sena! <3

Next episode:

Ohoho, you’re forgetting Keima here, Yozora.

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