Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai! – 02

Oho, to the land of games!

So this time, the Neighbours Club try gaming as a way to make friends…

Good one.

What’s gaming without a PSP? :D

Don’t do it, Sena, don’t do it.

The dangers of having friendly fire mode turned on. .______________.


A sedated arrow combined with explosives works very well…even when used on your own “ally”. .______________.

Also, I kinda feel sorry for that dragon.

The horrors of giving these girls PSPs. *sweatdrop*

So yeah, eventually it ends up with Sena and Yozora attacking each other, which results in them failing the mission in the end.

Well, wasn’t that quite an experience.

No more PSP, now on to PS3!

Such pragmatism. .______________.

Poor Fujibayashi-san.

Can’t deny that, Yozora, can’t deny that. This is probably 90% true ohohoho.

Ouch, burn. Looks like that comment about Fujibayashi came back to bite you, Sena Semoponume.

Which ultimately resulted in Sena getting a Bad End (or at least, that’s what it looks like, I think?). Oh dear.

The next day…

What a quick change of heart.

Oh Sena, you…

Gaming addiction is scary. .______________.

So this wraps up the second episode of BokuTomo. Still loving it thus far, gave me quite a bit of laughs.

And of course, you probably know this, but Kanae Ito <3.

Next episode:

Oho, it’s the swimsuit episode already? *coughMayoChikicough*

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