Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai! – 03

Ho, dat Meat!

A rather Sena-centric episode this time round, which I’m definitely not complaining about. Moar Kanae Ito? I want!

Ho, dat Ohana-face! :D

Scary Kodaka is scary, chasing some guys away after Sena insulted a few guys.

Speaking of insults…

Ouch, Sena, ouch.

Yozora sure doesn’t hold back on her insults, does she? www

Also, Kobato’s introduced in this episode! HNNNGGGGGG KANA-TAN!

Dat pouting face!

D’aww. Definitely one of those quotes going into my book.

Kodaka reminisces about his friend in the past who told him this, and somehow says it aloud after falling asleep in the clubroom.

Ho, so Yozora was that kid back then? I wouldn’t have guessed. xD

Looks like next week’ll feature more characters, ehehe.

Next episode:

My kouhais don’t know how to hold back, either. xD

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