Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai! – 05

Oho, do I sense a tint of jealously among those words?

Also, Kobato in that outfit HNGGGGGG.

So uh, Kodaka starts making lunch for Maria ’cause she’s been eating chips all day.

Uh yeah, it’s quite serious.

And then there’s the part where they game together (again)…

Lolwut, Microsoft -> Largehard?! HAHAHAHA.

Oh LOL, troll logic in games www.

HNGGGGGGG dat outfit of Sena! *nosebleed*

…More troll logic?

Oh god it’s Index. What an obvious seiyuu joke. *shakes fist*

The game didn’t end very well, by the way.

asdsadkasldsakdjalk OreImo reference.

Also, Kobato comes to check on Kodaka! Wonder how she got into the school though.

LOL Hasegawa cootie touch LOL.

Kobato’s indeed one cute imouto HNGGGG.

Next episode:

Oh, it’s karaoke next week. I’m okay with this.

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