UN-GO – 04

Om nom nom, I love human fingers.

Oh god, that class of AI robots (RAI) that Kazamori belongs to is freakin’ awesome.

I don’t even wanna know how that thing had a tongue.

A small mechanical doll trying to turn Shinjurou on. o_O

asdlksajdlakdjlsadja female boss Inga owns Kazamori like the boss she is.

Sorry Kazamori, Shinjurou belongs to Inga. <3

So apparently Komamori (the guy who made the RAI robots) is still alive and killed off people to keep his secret.

And the Human Torch (burning man) last episode was in fact a spy which was killed by a Komamori-controlled RAI.


And now Kazamori's truly the last RAI in the world.

Next episode:

HNGGGGGGG this body of Kazamori in that outfit is moe! I never knew robots could be so cute!

I don’t mind moar Kazamori. :D

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