AFA 11 – Day 2

The time has come again for the biggest (and probably one of the only few) anime events in Singapore: AFA (Anime Festival Asia)! キタ━━━━ヽ(^∀^ )ノ━━━━!!!!

For all those people who can’t come for this, I’ll try to share as much as I can about my experience in AFA this year~

Will only be posting photos of Day 2 in this post. The post for Day 3 comes tomorrow, while there’s no photos of Day 1 at all because I didn’t even go for Day 1 since it was just the Cool Japan forum and Hatsune Miku concert.

Let’s go through my timeline for 12/11/11, Day 2.


0820 – 0915: Waking up late for AFA is a very bad idea


I totally overslept. Wanted to wake up at 5.45 am to camp at the doors for AFA, ended up waking up at 8.20 am instead. And then I realized that I’d set the alarm clock wrongly. Goddammit, I’m an idiot.

So I just washed up and whatnot, and left the house by 0840. Kinda lucky in the sense that the bus came 5 minutes after I’d reached the bus stop.

Yeaaaaah, reached the doors of AFA at 9.15 am. Time to tour the place~

0915 – 0940: Aniplex Booth visit

Went over to the Aniplex booth with Wei Ren to get the Kyuubey shirts that I wanted. Kinda forgot to take photos of the shirts, so there shall be none. ):

But hey, I did take some photos of the other stuff in the booth…

Like this lovely Menma nendo over here. Looks so sweet right!

And there was this display case where they showed the sketches of AnoHana. Pretty cool.

Anyone wants to try their hand at becoming a Manma? ww

Oh this was just LOL. That one-piece that Yukiatsu wore in AnoHana. Too bad it wasn’t on sale, it would’ve made a very good gift, hehehe.

So, is anyone still interested in becoming a Manma? ww

AnoHana shirts are <3. Not as <3 as my Kyuubey shirt though. :D

Oh god I want this wall poster. Decided to save the money eventually, though. No place to put up that wall poster, anyway. ._______.

Apart from all these, there was like, a bunch of LiSA merchandise. Wasn’t exactly cheap, so I didn’t buy. Would’ve bought Oath Sign if it was actually sold there. :/

Out of the Aniplex booth, off to camp for the stage events~

0940 – 1000: Camping for stage events~

Quite the queue for the stage events. I guess everyone wants to camp for the Fate/Zero event, eh? xD

1000 – 1120: Culture Japan by Danny Choo

Oh yay I got seats in the fourth row! Camping ftw!

Gotta love Culture Japan. Danny Choo came onstage as the host of AFA 11. I like Danny Choo. He’s so amusing and interesting. Oh, and he’s quite the troll. 8D

Mirai Millenium’s in the works, apparently.

Moekana is moe indeed.

There was a screening of one episode of Culture Japan. Ohoho awesomeness~

Enjoy some Mimorin from the screen~

Okay it wasn’t very well taken, I admit. ):

And then vividblaze (the group that did the OP for Culture Japan S2) was invited to come onstage to perform the OP. Was really cool, even if the music was blasting in my ears (I was in the 4th row, remember?).

Aaaaaand with the end of Culture Japan, it’s the end of yet another exciting event…

1120 – 1200: Fate/Zero showcase with Atsuhiro Iwakami and LiSA


I totally can’t wait to snap some photos of LiSA—

Oh. Well FML. Goddamn you guys. D:

So as Danny Choo was talking with Atsuhiro Iwakami (the producer of Fate/Zero) I was pretty much feeling emo about not being able to take photos. Gah.

The LiSA performance was epic, though. That 4+ minutes of Oath Sign performed live was simply amazing. If only I could take pictures and videos…ugh.

The guy in front of me was filming the entire performance of Oath Sign throughout. Guess what happened when he got caught by the staff?

I’m sure someone ninja’d some shots and videos, though. Those ninjas. D<

LiSA too epic!

Too bad the showcase didn’t last for very long (only about like, 45 minutes). Oh well, more camping!

1200 – 1220: Out for some fresh air

Went out for a toilet break before the next event. Took my camera along to snap some photos of cosplayers if I saw any.

This cosplay of Kagamine Rin and Len looks really good~

Oh look, Ohana cosplayer spotted! She’s using the wrong headphones though, heh.

And yes as you can probably tell from the photo there’re lots of people there. A LOT.

I even had to queue for the Gents. Oh lord that’s how many people there were. >_>

1220 – 1250: Talkshow by Haruhiko Mikimoto

Okay I came in late for the Talkshow. Too many people outside, I had to squeeze and whatnot to get back to Hall 402. Plus I wanted to take more photos of cosplayers. ノ(´д`*)

Not like I was really interested in the talkshow, anyway. >_>

So as usual no photo/videotaking was allowed, so I kept my camera. Wasn’t about to risk it like the guy in front of me did, heh.

There was this giveaway in the form of a Janken showdown of sorts. Lost badly at it hahaha.

It was over real quick, though. So the lucky guy walked away with three works by Haruhiko Mikimoto. So lucky.

1250 – 1310: Bushiroad Cardfight Vanguard showcase

Oh wow it’s a trading card game showcase. Wasn’t particularly interested in it, but hey, Milky Holmes was appearing! Along with this new idol group called Sea*A.


Cordelia wasn’t with the group, though. Sick, perhaps?


Being 4 rows away from Mimorin’s great~

The president of Bushiroad came for a demonstration match with the girls. Was hoping that one of the Milky Holmes girls would play with him (yeaaaah photo chances), but they had someone from Sea*A play instead. ):

Boo, not interested. Let’s go out for more fresh air.

1310 – 1345: Out for more fresh air

So yeah, didn’t want to stay for that Bushiroad thing. So I left my bags with Wei Ren and took my camera out once more to Hall 403.

Oh look it’s Baby Beelzebub!

Oh god lol I saw this as I was coming back from Hall 403. FREAKIN’ LOL.

Didn’t get to see much from Hall 403 ’cause there were too many people. PLUS I NEEDED TO CAMP FOR THE NEXT TWO EVENTS~

1345 – 1405: Back for that Bushiroad thingy

So yeah, I went back for that Bushiroad thingy (couldn’t possibly make Wei Ren wait for me >_<). Apparently the girl from Sea*A lost. Fine, I'm not even interested.


1405 – 1415: I ♥ Anisong Artist Appearance: FLOW and Ichiro Mizuki

Oh it’s FLOW and Aniki! Again, no photo taking allowed. WHY THEY DO THIS, they allowed it last year! ;A;

Oh well. D:

FLOW is <3

1415 – 1510: Chiwa Saito live dubbing session

The moment everyone there’s been waiting for: the Chiwa Saito live dub!

No phototaking as usual. It’s already the norm there now. Goddamned AFA-kun.

The live dub was awesome, though. Chiwa Saito did three dub scenes, two from Madoka ep. 10, and one from Madoka ep. 08.

Too bad for those who didn’t watch Madoka, they’ve been spoiled about pretty much everything Homura. POOR SOULS.

Really cool dubbing there. Saito-san’s so talented!

If only I could take photos. D:

1510 – 1625: Looking around the exhibition halls

So yeah, walking around the AFA premises before an early dinner at 4.30 pm. Camping sure makes people hungry. :/

And the first thing I saw was this…from the Aniplex booth. AHHHH SO APPARENTLY LiSA WAS THERE. AND I MISSED HER. DDDDDD:

I wish I was there when she signed this. ;_;

And if she gave autographs for her new album I would’ve bought one on the spot immediately.

Hanasaku Iroha stuff at the COSPA booth. Guess which cellphone strap I bought? :D


I was totally not tempted to buy this, HNGGGGG.

Danny Choo’s Mirai Suenaga itasha. I wonder who’s the unlucky guy who offered his car out. And I wonder how he’s going to drive this out in public from now on. =w=


Apparently everyone’s cosplaying as Mirai now. Even Kyon. Yare yare.

Went to look at figures next. Good lord these figures are…

I’ll let photos do the talking.

This Saber figure is just plain <3. It looks so magnificent! Probably costs a lot though. D:

Saber Lily looks great, too.

Then there’s Saber Alter which looks really badass.

And who can forget Tohsaka Rin?

Wow Fate/Stay Night figmas. Rider looks <3 with that Zettai Ryouiki!

Madoka figmas next! This Homura figma just looks fabulous!

The Sayaka figma looks badass, too. Look at the number of swords! Also, her cape reflects light really well, look at how bright it was in the previous photo!

And now it looks kinda dark ww.

And then there’s the Madoka figma. Where’s the bow, though?

This Mami figma looks really cool. Those guns!

Oh, and it even comes with Charlotte! Can we replicate the headchomp? 8D

Oh god oh god Homura and Madoka nendos! They look so cute! I want. ;_;

This just looks simply…magnificent. Oh gosh. Saber on a bike. So badass.

Ahhhhh Saber Armor ver. figma! I wanted to buy this but it was out of stock by 4 pm. Guess that’s one compromise I made for camping~

And here’s the Saber Zero ver. Saber in a suit looks really cool, the sheathe does look kinda big though. ._____.

Was intending to go to some other booth when I saw…

Claire in the Nico Nico booth. Oh, wow.

And just when I thought she was being interviewed…

It turned out that she was the one interviewing people instead.

In other words, she was the emcee. OH GOD WHAT.

Apparently she requested to be emcee for 10 minutes, and proceeded to emcee for like, an hour (read: she hijacked the Nico Nico booth). And she was so good that people everywhere on Nico Nico was commenting on her and requesting that she be hired by Nico Nico. AHHHHH WTH.

And now I totally feel like I’ll fail N3. orz

Oh well.

1625 – 1705: Dinner!

Yeah dinner!

Went for Pepper Lunch. The Curry Chicken pepper rice with cheese tasted really awesome. Had to rush it down though, wanted to camp for the concert.

1705 – 1830: Camping for concert~

Apparently this is the queue at 5.05 pm. Welp, I was so late for camping.

1930 – 2340: I ♥ Anisong concert

Eventually got in at around 6.35 pm, got the front few standing rows (about 10 rows or so).

Even got a free lightstick. If I knew they were giving out free lightsticks I wouldn’t have bought any from Daiso. ):

Oh well, at least the concert was great.

Started off with Sea*A which honestly, does not interest me. So no comments here.

Aniki next! Sang a lot of awesome anisongs. His new song “HERO” sounded pretty epic! Didn’t recognize any of his songs though. I’m not veteran enough, eh?

Also, that Z pose! ZEEEEE!

And then, LiSA! WHOOOH LiSA! She sang a total of 7 songs: Believe in me, Oath Sign, Ichiban no Takaramono, My Soul, Your Beats!, Day Game, Mousou Controller, Crow Song and LiSA! Whoooooh the Oath Sign performance was really epic. Totally love that song. Ichiban no Takaramono was awesome too, LiSA even cried during that song. Ah she does sing with lots of emotions~

Finally, the concert ended with FLOW! The atmosphere was totally epic. Everyone just jumping around. Only songs I recognized were Hey!!, Sign and Go!!!, but it was still cool. Ahhhh I can’t express all of this in words, but the concert was just simply amazing.

2340 – 0030: Post-concert blues

Yes there are blues after the concert. Why? Because I was about to miss the last train home.

That means quite a lot, because if I’d missed that last train I would’ve had to walk home. All the way from Suntec City. Oh gosh, did not want.

Got on the last train anyway.

And then my AFA ticket at the end of the day. AHHHH.

More things to come in AFA Day 3. It’s not over yet!

Do stay tuned for the the post for Day 3, I guess I’ll have it done by tomorrow~

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