AFA 11 – Day 3

Day 3 of AFA, let’s go (again)!

Similar to the last post I’ll be posting my timeline for the day here~


1155 – 1245: Late again?

Oh god oh god oh god. This time my piano lesson ended late, so I could only leave the house at around 11.55 am. Rushed out of the house and tried to get a bus but, sadly I took like, 40 minutes to get there. Hurr.

Going to be late for the AnoHana event! ;A;

1250 – 1345: AnoHana showcase

Just kidding. How could I be late for such an important event?

Got seats in the front fourth row ’cause Wei Ren’s amazing and camped early. Wheee.

The AnoHana interview was pretty cool, and the Q&A was even cooler. Some really interesting questions were asked ww.

“Why did you make Yukiatsu crossdress in AnoHana?” LOLLOL.

And then there was yet another giveaway with the AnoHana picture booklet autographed by the three people (Masayoshi Tanaka, Tatsuyuki Nagai and Mari Okada). AHHHH I WANT.

I almost won the thing! I lost in the round before the decisive match. ;_;

Ahhhh I feel so emo now.

1345 – 1620: Another tour of AFA

Toured around AFA after the AnoHana showcase. Got my Saber Alter figma, yay! Would’ve preferred the Armor ver. though.

Saw this being sold. Feeling tempted to buy it~

And then there’s this tapestry. AHHHHH.

Went over to the Muse booth afterwards. So many anime goods on display. These OreImo goods look just fabulous~

Madoka goods! Oh lord those towels look so awesome.

And there’s Railgun! That Gekota cup and Misaka cushion! I want!

Madoka and OreImo puzzle pieces! 8D

Bought this folder there. Ahh Charlotte’s so cute! Love the artwork for this folder.

Went over to the Hobby Frontier booth afterwards. This Matou Sakura and Saber Alter figure looks amazingly cool! It was only available in the lucky draw, though. Would’ve been expensive even if they were on sale anyway.

HNGGGGGG Tohsaka Rin and Saber summer version figures, ahhhhh so perfect! AHHHHH.

This is just <3. Saber meido. My heart melts at the sight of this.

I’m not sure what characters these are, but they look freakin’ badass. And they probably cost a lot, too. =w=

This totally cool transparent figure of Saber, I like!

Black Rock Shooter looking pretty badass there~

Lots of Miku here. I like the one that’s resting on the photoframe!

Went over to some mini-stage nearby Muse. Happened to saw some girls from AKB48 performing, so I took the opportunity to get some shots…

They’re part of AKB48, right? I don’t really know since I’m not really into them…

Oh wow Mawaru Penguindrum doujin circle in AFA. Fabulous max!

A Kurisu figma! Where’s her cyalume saber, though?

Ikaros and Nymph nendos! Those wings!

I’m not a Miku fan, but this figure looks beautiful enough to tempt me to buy it. AHHHH.

Plus the lighting looks really great on the figure. <3

More Miku, hoho.

Even more Miku! This HSP ver. looks great, especially with that keytar!

And here we have a whole range of characters from the Vocaloid series!

These here are the figures produced for the “Cheer for Japan!” project (remember the Tohoku earthquake?). All in hopes of raising more funds for Japan. So touching.

Ahhh Shero and Elly nendos! So cute I wish I’d bought them!

Went over to the Nico Nico booth next! Apparently they were selling this…

Nico Nico plushies! This one’s signed by the girls from Milky Holmes! Simply fabulous. Until you see the tag saying “Not for Sale” www.

This one’s signed by May’N…

AHHHH a Nico Nico plushie signed by LiSA!

And this one was signed by Aniki…hoho.

Went over to the interview section of the booth. Ohohoho turning emo~

Apparently even the righteous Twelve panics in front of Claire wwww.

Eventually started making my way to Hall 402 to camp for the concert. I MUST GET FRONT ROW STANDING SPOTS THIS TIME!

Miku figures awe me to no end.

Went back to the COSPA booth, saw the AnoHana poster there already autographed by the three people (remember the AnoHana showcase earlier on?). So cool I want that poster!

Okay, time to camp!

1620 – 1830: More than two whole hours of camping~

Whoooh time to camp! And no I wasn’t one of the first few to camp! ;A;

So many people walking around. Managed to get a seat with Zheng Wei and Wei Ren, though. Had Wei Ren run down to buy food for us while we camped and…did nothing. :/

I went back to Hall 403 to pick up some souvenirs for my siblings and look around for some last minute cheap nendo deals. Didn’t find any, sadly. Would’ve bought that Shero nendo if they’d reduced the price to $45, but unfortunately they did not do so. D:

I is sad.

Oh well, here’s a picture to cheer everyone up~

Freakin’ LOL. Taken when I went back into Hall 403. Bunch of trolls, these people.

Apparently Wei Ren knew these people. That makes it all the more epic!

Camping for two hours did work out after all. Got standing positions by the side, win!

1830 – 2240: I ♥ Anisong concert

AHHHHH it’s time for the concert again!

Kicked off with Kanako Ito and Chiyomaru Shikura. All the STEINS;GATE songs performed back to back, so awesome! Would’ve preferred it if she sang Kanashimi no Mukou e from School Days, though. That would’ve been epic. :D

Next was Milky Holmes. As per the day before Izumi Kitta was absent so yes, no Cordelia. Mimorin makes up for everything, though! They only performed two songs, and the crowd didn’t really cheer. WHY YOU NO CHEER, CROWD? Milky Holmes’ so awesome!

And then we had angela. KATSU was awesomely funny, emulating the Nico Nico stuff. Kyun kyun! angela performed Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze, too! Awesomely epic.

Finally, the artist I believe everyone there’s been waiting for: Kalafina! Didn’t recognize any of their songs except for Magia and sprinter. Tsk, I really should listen to their songs. The atmosphere was really great. Everyone just waving their lightsticks around while shouting, wheeeee~

Lastly, there was May’N. She performed Scarlet Ballet (the OP for Hidan no Aria) right from the start, which was really cool. And then at the end she performed Brain Diver. AHHHH SO AWESOME. Plus her new haircut’s really cute on her. ^_^

2240 – 2330: More post-concert blues

Now that AFA’s over, now what? Feeling kinda empty now that AFA’s over, enjoyed myself thoroughly throughout these two days. And now I kinda wish that next year’s AFA would come sooner, hehe.

Awesome nendos being released next year! There’s the Ohana Matsumae, Erio Touwa, Haruka Morishima (YES HARUKA-SENPAI YES), Sena Kashiwazaki (WHOOOH MEAT), Yune, and a lot more! Hopefully I’ll get some good deals by next year!

After AFA comes…CGM Night with Danny Choo! Shall make a post on it tomorrow! Do look forward to it!

See you next year, AFA!

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