CGM Night Singapore 2011

After AFA comes CGM Night with Danny Choo! Get ready for a night of dollfies, figures, Mirai Suenaga and Danny Choo!

So yeah, my first CGM Night, please do bear with me if I sound stupid or anything.

This year’s CGM Night’s held at the AKB48 cafe at *scape. Convenient location for me, since I go there quite often (Kinokuniya’s just a five minutes walk away after all). Plus I kinda like Danny Choo for his Culture Japan series. Really awesome guy.

Dragged Wei Ren with me to take photos, hehe.

Had to pay $10 at the counter to enter, but it was worth it. All the shutter chances I had!

Ohoho it’s a prototype of the Mirai Suenaga mousepad! Guaranteed to protect your wrists from breaking!

Your fingers might get tired from touching it, though. wwwww

Oh look, Saber dollfie! Complete with a Saber card around her neck and an Azusa dollfie beside her!

And here we have the entire collection of K-ON! nendos, complete with the background of the music room! Ah I’m so jealous, I want! ;_;

Black Rock Shooter figures!

And this’ the Amazon box guy! I just call it the Amazon box guy ’cause I don’t actually know his name.

In fact, I don’t think I even know its gender ww.

He looks really cute, though.

Here we have the Amazon box guy with a lot of other nendos. Ahhh there’s even the Totori nendo! Nice expression there ww.

The expressions on Kirino and Kuroneko are pretty epic. Especially Kuroneko’s wwwww.

Beautiful Vocaloid nendos are beautiful. And cute. <3

And what’s CGM Night without Danny Choo himself? Here he is giving an autograph to somebody. Just wait, I’ll get mine. D<

Danny Choo started a giveaway of Cardfight Vanguard starter packs, where you'd have to win him at Street Fighter (on the PS3) in order to get the packs. Welp, never played Street Fighter before.

Here’s Danny focusing intently on the game at hand. Jiiiiiiiii~

Everyone looking out for the next winner. Atmosphere’s filled with lots of excitement, it was so amazing!

Uh oh, looks like Danny lost. Winner gets the starter pack!

Oh well, Danny eventually distributed the starter packs to everyone. Got one before they ran out. ^_^

Back to more autographing for Danny! Ahhh just you wait I’ll get my turn! D<

Finally my turn! Got Danny to give me a Mirai Suenaga card along with his signature. He even agreed to my request of writing my name there as well. You can see my name in the photo if you tilt your head properly! :D

Danny signed my pack of Cardfight Vanguard cards as well (the one he gave out earlier)! Along with a photo with him (taken by Wei Ren)! Just magnificent ohohoho.

Danny continued on his speech on risk-taking. His career story sounds really cool, hoho. And it was inspirational, to say the least.

Amusing face there, by the way. ww

Danny encouraged us to let our passion lead us (or something along those lines, hehe). I don’t really have any passion now though, hehehe…

No, my passion isn’t stalking ww.

Had to go soon after the speech, though. The AKB48 cafe was closing so, Danny moved to the open space on the third floor. Didn’t go because I went to get dinner (yes I didn’t get any).

Dinner (a very late one) at the Graffiti Cafe! Lots of Graffiti everywhere!

And om nom nom wanton noodles ftw.

Went to the third floor afterwards to check out CGM Night once again. Left soon after ’cause they were talking about stuff I didn’t really know about hahaha.

Plus I had school the next day so, couldn’t really stay for long.

CGM Night this year was awesome. Really loved it. I’ll be sure to go next year, if Danny Choo organizes it again.

With this, AFA + CGM Night comes to an end. I guess I’ll be back to blogging about anime after this, been missing out on my BokuTomo 06/07 and UN-GO 05/06.

I…will watch them after I get back from OBS. Which lasts for another 5 days. orz.

Oh well, this few days has been fun. Sorry for the late posts, had to sort out all the photos I took.

Looking forward to next year AFA and CGM Night now! :D

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