Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai! – 06

So then, it’s off to the karaoke box?

The Neighbors Club go for a sing at the karaoke box this episode. Ohoho will we get to hear Kobato sing?

You can’t beat troll logic, that Yozora…

So in the end Yozora and Sena both booked separate karaoke rooms (much to the dismay of the cashier there ;A;) and sang along, while the rest just went along and booked a room for them.

…And Kobato didn’t sing after all. Damned episode cheated my feelings. D<

Oh good lord Rika what in the world are you doing with that mike.

I shall unsee that.

Hohoho Kodaka’s singing voice is great indeed.

And the episode eventually comes to an end. Will watch BokuTomo 07 tomorrow!

Next episode:

That blushing face of Yukimura. .________________________.

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