Working’!! – 03

Oh look, Nazuna’s here to help out in Wagnaria!

Nazuna comes over to Wagnaria for Career Experience Day. Good choice, Nazuna.

And she’s pretty efficient, too!

And Yamada is…also efficient. In another way. =w=

Don’t be confusing your brother for Sado Tarou, Nazuna. Even if they have the same seiyuu wwwww.

Izumi feels sad because she thinks that Souta’s got a girlfriend and will abandon her. Don’t cry!

It’s amazing how tying up your hair makes you look much more energetic, oho. Or maybe it’s just my fetish for ponytails. =w=

Also, kittens! :D

Izumi gets better after Inami consoles her. Without knowing that Izumi’s actually Souta’s sister.

Back to Wagnaria.

Nazuna sure knows how to push the right buttons, heh.

OH LOL it’s so funny when Izumi thinks that Souta’s dating Popura. Even funnier when she thinks that Popura’s only an elementary school kid wwww.

Oh god this misunderstanding wwwwwwwwwwww.

Another delightful episode of Working’!!. Now, if only FFFPeeps would release their subs faster… :P

Yes, I stick with the same subs for the whole season. ):

Next episode:

What is this I don’t even—

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