UN-GO – 08

We need some Pikachu electric shocks to wake Shinjurou from his daydream.

Shinjurou wakes up from the illusion placed on him by Megane-kun and the mysterious girl with him and begins to solve the mystery.

Okay so it’s just the mysterious girl who’s putting up the illusion. Said girl is called Bettenou apparently, by the way.

Shinjurou eventually solves the mystery like he usually does. Oho, there’s no beating the “Defeated Detective”.

There’s no resisting the lady boss Inga too, Megane-kun.

And now apparently Bettenou’s missing ’cause Kaishou took her, welp.

Next episode:

This looks pretty creepy even though Megane-kun’s creepy himself.

This should prove to be interesting. Kaishou Rinroku’s crime, eh…

Now to wait for another week.

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