UN-GO – 10

More explosions. Kaishou seems to like to blow things up.

Kaishou has presumably used Bettenou to create the illusion of him being killed in order to escape. I don’t think things look as simple as that, though.

Also, the novelist is back to provide Shinjurou with information. Hurr, he’s powerless without Bettenou. And still looks weird with his two pigtails.

Next episode:

Next week: possibly the ending to this series. Interested to see how Shinjurou solves the mystery behind Kaishou.

And I still can’t fully grasp how Bettenou’s powers work.

2 thoughts on “UN-GO – 10

  1. GoodbyeNavi

    They haven’t really explained how Bettenou’s powers work. It seems there is much she can do regarding altering the “truth”. I’m not sure how they will be able to resolve this all in one episode. It seems like they sped up in the last few episodes when the first three or so were quite slow and not very interesting.


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