Working’!! – 04

Oh dear, Kyouko’s just finished all the whipping cream. HOW?! .___.

Oh look, there’re even coconuts on Popura’s head wwww.

Aaaand a flashback to the past! Mini Todoroki’s so cute!

What kind of question is that wwww.

Apparently the woman who crawled out of a manhole’s Otoo-san’s wife. Welp, never would’ve guessed.

Great way to calm down Todoroki, Kyouko. :3

Satou-san you meanie!

Poor Satou and his unrequited love.

Also, poor Inami. ._____________.

The deal about the adoption papers is still going on? wwww

I really need to catch up on all these episodes.

Next episode:

Well, I guess we can all see who it is. xD

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