UN-GO – 11

So it ends on such a note, eh?

So in the end, it’s revealed that it was actually Prosecutor Hayami using Bettenou to impersonate as Kaishou, and er…

Two copies of Kaishou Rinroku. Oh great, just what we needed.

Okay, one of them was Hayami, and the other was the real Kaishou. Turns out he did fake his death after all.

Also er, Inga chases after Bettenou and eats her up. Om nom nom.

I’m not sure how that actually worked out.

Lastly, Kazamori with twintails HNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

Let’s finish this up with some final thoughts and then I can go for a Christmas dinner~

Final thoughts

Overall: 7/10
Not a bad anime, I guess. If you overlook the fact that the mysteries might get a bit predictable some times. Then again, I watched this solely for Aki Toyosaki at the start. A shota and a hot female boss, so much win. Really loved her voice acting. And then there’s Kazamori, who’s just amazingly cute.
Story: 6/10
Wasn’t particularly impressed with the story. Then again, I wasn’t even watching for the story, so there.
Art: 7/10
Art’s pretty okay, I guess. It gets points for making female boss Inga so hot and Kazamori so moe.
Animation: 8/10
Animation was so-so, I guess. It does flow, but the animation isn’t particularly good or anything. But I guess I kinda liked it. Explosions and all. :D
Music: 7/10
Wonderful OP done by School Food Punishment, and then there’s the ED done by LAMA. It does fit into the theme pretty well, aaaaand…that’s about it.
Rewatch value: 4/10
Eh, not really.

Favorite character: Kazamori, because HNGGGG. Just that. I’m sorry Inga, but you get second place.
Favorite episode: Hmmm, none in particular.

With that, UN-GO’s finished airing. I’ll catch Inga-ron when it gets released, really interested to know about Inga and Shinjurou’s past.

Second season? Nah, I’d much prefer an OVA featuring Kazamori and Inga hurrrrr. Give me more HNGGGGGGGG please, UN-GO. :D

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