My Christmas present can’t be this awesome (oh, but yes it can)!

I swear, this is the freaking best Christmas present this year.

Let’s not sweat the small details like today being the day after Christmas, too. Or that I actually bought this for myself.


The following photos of the magazine are actually taken using a camera (and not scanned), and then cropped. Some of them might look a bit weird, because I can’t lay the magazine perfectly flat and then take photos. So yeah some pictures might look a bit skewed.

But anyways!

Ahhh Aki-chan poster! So much love, so much love! I want to pin it on my wall, but I can’t take it out… ;A;

Then there’s one with Yukarin! That black dress!

One more poster, this time with Nana Mizuki! Ahhhh so much love from this magazine. <3

And lastly, we have Aya-hime! So cool-looking!

Four posters included within Voice NewType Jan 2012, loving each of them~

More Aki-chan!

Aki-chan amongst the stars! <3

OH GOD THIS IS SO PERFECT. Love every bit of this.

Here’s Aki-chan with some instruments, looking real cute there.

Another photo of Aki-chan with the star-shaped tambourine from before. SO CUTE.

More photos of Aki-chan. Seriously an angel. <3

Eighteen whole pages filled with Aki-chan! That's right, 18! How wonderful! I didn't manage to take photos of all 18 pages, though. But still!

Moving on, there’s a feature of Yukarin in this issue! That black dress from before!

One more photo of her, this time holding a rose!

Speaking of Yukarin, the issue also came with a 36-page mini photobook of Yukarin! Took some photos, of course.

Here’s the said photobook, placed on the back of the magazine. Yukarin~

Different poses of Yukarin in different costumes! This one’s a witch!

And this costume’s the one worn during graduation day!

Picnic time with Yukarin!

Yukarin looks fabulous with that orange parasol! And then twintails!

This is just, absolutely stunning.

Well I didn’t take photos of all 36 pages, but there’s much more within that tiny booklet.

It kinda motivates me to buy Aki-chan’s photobook. Been putting it off because I’ve had no money. It’s almost twice the cost of this magazine. D:

Moving on.

Chihara Minori! Haven’t seen her on seiyuu magazines, but I’m okay with this too!

Emiri Katou in that white outfit HNGGGGGGGG.

More Emiri Katou HNGGGG. This is melting my heart away.

And then we have Nana Mizuki. Such brilliance!

Aya-hime next! Photo not very well taken, because of lack of lighting. But still looks great!

Daisuke Ono’s so charming (no homo).


Ayacchi with a Tamayura special! She looks so good with that camera!

Oh my god is this Mimorin AHHHHHHHHH this is so gooooood!

This, just completes my Christmas. Oh god YuiKaori. <3

Ogura Yuiiiiiiii!

This magazine is so much love.

It certainly does not come cheap, at $35.80 (yeah, blame shipping for the high price). But I'd say it's worth every bit of that $35.80 paid, because of all the photos HNGGGG. Also, having 18 whole pages of Aki-chan in it, this seiyuu magazine is a godsend.


But it's late. And I should sleep.

Shall read more of the magazine tomorrow!

For now though,

YuiKaori wishes you a Merry Christmas!

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