Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai! – 12

And the reunion continues this episode.


This again? xD

Yozora loves kids? Never would’ve guessed www.

Ahhhh yabai short-haired Yozora with that red swimsuit HURRRRRRRR.

What kind of misunderstanding is this! ;A;

Oh that skirt looks great on you, Yozora.

Also, mini Yozora HNGGGGGGG.

And then the reactions to Yozora’s new hairstyle:

Rika thinks it’s an ikemen (handsome dude) and starts fantasizing about some yaoi www.

Yukimura’s distraught to see his aniki bonded with another “man” hurhur.

Sena sees the reality of things and decides to tease Yozora…

…And gets punished for it ww.

Maria thinks that ikemen eat cute girls up, ho.

Yozora’s forever trolling Maria ww.

My heart melted when Kobato said that. ;A;

My sentiments exactly, Sena. xD

And amidst all this, the new term starts for the Neighbors Club.

Sadly the anime ends. I’m fine with this ending, though.

Final thoughts anyone?

Final thoughts

Overall: 7.5/10
Pretty impressed with this anime. Kobato-chan <3.
Story: 7/10
I suppose the story’s okay, I guess. Then again, I don’t think the story’s really the focus here…
Art: 8/10
Art’s great. Gotta love how they make Kobato look so HNGGGGG. Also, Sena <3.
Animation: 7/10
I guess it’s not bad, but then I’m too busy looking at Kobato to actually care about the animation so…
Music: 7/10
Wheee Tom H@ck wheeee. Catchy OP. ED’s pretty cool as well. The way the OPs and EDs are arranged kinda reminds me of K-ON! ww.
Rewatch value: 7/10
Anything for Kobato. <3

Favorite character: Kobato-channnnnnn. <3
Favorite episode: Any episode with Kobato in it. <3

I'm now adding a <3 behind Kobato wwww.

So with that, BokuTomo ends. But one question still remains…

Second season when? :D

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