Amagami SS+ – 01

Starting off the new year with some Amagami SS+! Tsukasa After arc right away? Wow, we’re in for some bitchrep treat~

That’s what I would like to know too, Junichi you lucky bastard.


I can’t believe it, too. DDDDDD:

Uh oh.

Junichi’s screwed, lol.

Tsukasa definitely isn’t pleased with this.

The fight for Junichi the post of Student Council president begins!

A poster shoot? Pretty ingenious, except that Junichi’s a hell of a big pervert. D<

PFFFFTTTTTTT Tsukasa why you so hot.

And just as Tsukasa’s beginning to get more votes for the post…

NTR warning, NTR warning!

Okay I totally saw this coming. Junichi’s dead ww.

First episode of Amagami SS+ was awesome. Can’t say it’s not cliched, but who cares when there’s the Amagami girls! AHHHHH JUNICHI TOO LUCKY. D:

Next episode:

Go go Tsukasa!

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