Nisemonogatari – 01

It’s time for one of Winter’s most anticipated show Nisemonogatari, and…

Our protag seems to be in some trouble. As always.

And the perpetrator is Hitagi. Should’ve expected that.

And as always, Hitagi’s a troll ww.

What a sadist wwwww.


Oh god, Hitagi’s love for Koyomi is so extreme. ._.

Aaaaaand then we move on to…

Koyomi’s extremely cute and hot sister Tsukihi! Where’s Karen, though. ;_;

Oh it’s Nadeko. NADEKOOOOOOO! <3

Nadeko’s trying so hard to get Koyomi to visit her wwwww.

Koyomi slasher smile. ;A;

But what Koyomi does is…

…To go for Mayoi instead. D<

Koyomi you lolicon.

Mayoi hits the spot with this one. Araragi harem pffft.

LOL money isn’t the only thing in the world.

Love sure comes cheap www.


Oh Mayoi, you… xD

Oi Koyomi wtf. .____________________.

That’s such an understatement, Mayoi.

Koyomi definitely deserved that cake to the face. =w=

And after more conversation with Mayoi, the episode ends. HEY, WHERE IS MY KAREN. WHY DID SHE NOT TALK THE ENTIRE EPISODE.

At least she appeared. Unlike Kanbaru, who was only mentioned in passing. =w=

Pretty good first episode. Been quite a long time ever since I’ve taken so many screencaps for one episode, I had 30+ screencaps initially. It’s how good I think Nisemonogatari is.

Will be looking forward to the next episode.

Next episode:


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