Amagami SS+ – 02

Well, I can’t say I didn’t expect this outcome.

So yeah, the smart Tsukasa figures out that Kurosawa’s just trying to affect her emotionally by going for Junichi. Well, that was pretty obvious.

Okay so, after the win, the reward!

Junichi’s really such the lucky bastard.

What a wonderful reward, Tachibana-kun. =w=

Oh good lord no normal guy’s going to complain about this.

D’aww Junichi. Predictable though.

So with this, the Tsukasa after arc ends. Can’t say it was very good. At least, not as good as the Tsukasa arc in Amagami SS. The arc started out cliched, I guess it ended off pretty cliched too.

Not very satisfied, but maybe the best is yet to come!

Next episode:

Rihoko after arc next! I wonder how it’ll be, given that she got friend-zoned in the first season. :/

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