Nisemonogatari – 02

I-It’s not like I wanted to watch this episode either!


My reaction to Nadeko’s appearance.

Woah, Nadeko.

Oi oi, Nadeko… ._____________________________.

Uh oh, Nadeko’s mom’s back.


My reaction to all that Nadeko:

I will not get dirty thoughts from looking at Nadeko's body. I will not get dirty thoughts from looking at Nadeko's body. I will not get dirty thoughts from looking at Nadeko's body.

Koyomi’s such a gentleman. =w=

Nadeko makes me so jelly.

Wait, what?

And then we have Kanbaru.

What is this I don't even----

Courtesy www.



Oi Koyomi, Hitagi’ll kill you if you do that. (ಠ_ಠ)

Koyomi will take responsibility for each and every of them wwww.

Well, can’t refute that. Especially with that newly grown long hair of hers.



And Koyomi finally realizes how it feels like to be raped by someone.

Also, Hachikuji-Koyomi wwwwwwwwwwwwww

Pretty interesting episode this week. Lots of HNGGGGGG moments from Nadeko, and rather fanservice-y scenes from Kanbaru. Also, Koyomi getting raped www.

Nadeko and Kanbaru pretty much outshadowed Karen’s apperance this week. It would seem that, after the first two episodes, Karen Bee’s still pretty much in the introductory phase. Nothing much about Karen Bee was revealed this week apart from the fact that Karen and Tsukihi’s trying to play hero here. I guess the anime’s taking it slow, after all I suppose they have quite some time to play around, since they have about 6 episodes for Karen Bee (assuming that the anime is 12 episodes long, the other 6 episodes go to Tsukihi Phoenix).

Still, hearing KitaEri’s voice this week pretty much made me satisfied. Now, next week, will we be able to hear Shinobu speak? :D

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