Two weeks in.

It’s been about two weeks (a little more than two weeks, actually) since school started. Still trying to get used to many things.

Like living with friends in the hostel. Hostel food. Being away from home (even though technically I go home every weekend). My new class and my new classmates.

It would seem that some are not happy with hostel life. No I’m not saying that it sucks; it doesn’t. Not really, anyway.

It’s like, I feel that suddenly everyone’s just being emo in hostel in a way or another. And then I feel bad because everyone’s not happy. ):

Even I’m kinda emo. Class matters. I don’t really like my class. There, I said it.

It’s not that the people in my new class are all douchebags. Well, not for the most part, anyway. It’s probably because I like my previous class way more than my current class.

Whatever. This post sounds so emo. I’m making it at 1.50 in the morning, and I have class tomorrow, so I’ll end it quick.

My life seems much more organised in hostel now. Like, I’ll study during study time and then watch anime afterwards. It feels like my anime backlog’s been reduced by a lot (even though in actual fact I still have quite some animes from Fall 2011 to complete).

If anyone realized I’m only blogging about two shows this season, Amagami SS+ and Nisemonogatari. And maybe a third one, if I feel like doing it. I have to focus more on my studies this semester so, I’ll be blogging less often.

Well, not like many people come to read my blog anyway, so… ^_^

Also, I don’t suppose there’ll be anyone reading my blog if SOPA passes so.

PROTEST AGAINST SOPA! I even have a banner on the top right side of the blog www.

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