Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – 13

I missed you, Erio. Dat blue hair!

I missed you, Ryuushi— er, I mean, Ryuuko.

I missed you, Maekawa. And your cosplay outfits. Eel www

I missed you, Meme. And that MILF-ness. Hur.

The star for this episode however, was Yashiro. So badass.

And with that…

…Yashiro brought down a meteorite from the sky.

Holy shit, so badass.

And for the question of the week:

This episode is just so amazing.

Poor Makoto, that meteorite took 20 puberty points from him. ):

We end the episode with some Makoto and Erio! That lucky bastard…

And with that, the OVA comes to an end. It started off pretty slow with Ryuuko, but Yashiro just showed us how badass this show is. I guess the show ended on an extremely satisfying note.

So, second season when?

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