Nisemonogatari – 06

Oh look, it’s Mayoi again! \o/

Oh Koyomi you’ve become boring ww

That’s so true Koyomi wwwwwwwwww

And then, to Hitagi’s house!

Pencils are dangerous in Hitagi’s hands. .______________.

Heck, any stationary is dangerous in her hands. :/

Oh god, Koyomi why you so cool and manly! ;A;

Even Hitagi’s going dere! Hurrrr.

Back at home, there’s trouble. Karen. >_>

Tsukihi’s going insane. ._.

No fear, Shinobu’s here to help!

With that, the episode ends, with Karen still missing.

Pretty interesting episode, with Mayoi back. Honestly I love her interactions with Koyomi. Plus dat voice. <3

Can't wait for next week. :D

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