Nisemonogatari – 08

Oh wow, Karen. WOW.

KAREN IS IN A SKIRT. /cue nosebleed

You bet.

So yeah, Karen pretty much hijacked the first episode of Tsukihi Pheonix.

Karen’s hugs are so deadlyyyy.

Having said that, I wouldn’t mind getting one of Karen’s hugs! THOSE HUGSSSSSS.

Yep, those hugs sure are deadly. In one than one way. *nosebleed*

Oh god Karen what is this.

Koyomi would’ve been in big trouble if he’d taken up on Karen’s offer ww.

Kanbaru-sensei? wwww

Somehow this scene reminds me of Izaya stepping on cellphones in Durarara!!. I wonder why. xD

Karen’s quite the masochist, eh?

Karen resorts to violence. ._________.

Toothbrush and toothpaste, set! Contest, go!

Oh god Koyomi please don’t tell me that was what the toothbrush was for.

Oh it’s only teeth brushing— uh, what?

A contest involving Koyomi brushing Karen’s teeth? Interesting.

Oh god, hearing Karen moaning while having her teeth brushed. Gosh I never knew brushing teeth could be this ero. ;A;

I think I might need a hospital before I finish writing this post ww.

Good lord Koyomi dat rape face!

Ero teeth brushing is ero.

…Uh oh.

Welp, Koyomi.

Welp, Karen.

Feigning ignorance now wwwwww.

They’re even in sync!

That’s not going to work. ._.

Tsukihi is not amused.


Oh god Tsukihi. .________.

Okay you two are so dead.

Extra time? THERE’S MORE?!

Gosh Koyomi that sounds so wrong.


Even I wanna buy an awl now wwwww.

Amazing episode of Nisemonogatari. I think I’ve broken the screencap record of 55 screencaps (from IS 09). Went crazy with the screenshot button this time. Karen’s just too cute. And yandere Tsukihi is amazing.

Plus the incredibly cute OP! I’m sorry Karen, your OP comes second to Tsukihi’s!

And I can’t wait to see how Karen interacts with Kanbaru-sensei ww.

Hopefully we’ll see more Tsukihi next episode. And Karen in a skirt. <3

Karen's still the cutest imouto in Nisemonogatari. :D

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