Nisemonogatari – 09

Kanbaru meets Karen. Pervert meets idiot.

Things I learnt from this episode

Lesson 1: How to always win in janken.

Karen asldjaskdladkasjldsakjdlasjdakls.

Lesson 2: Karen’s a masochist… and Koyomi fail.

Oh Karen you wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Lesson 3: Giving someone a ride on Karen’s shoulders is erotic.

Oh yes, it’s erotic you bet.

Lesson 4: Koyomi’s a lolicon.

Okay, actually we knew that from the start.

Koyomi’s in for the boobs only. ._.

Lesson 5: All females please beware, Koyomi’s always after your breasts.

Oh gosh, why you so cute, Mayoi? ;A;

Another wonderful episode of Nisemonogatari. Seems to be getting into the story slowly like Karen Bee. Sad to say Tsukihi Phoenix doesn’t have 7 episodes, so I guess the pace’ll have to quicken. :<

At least we get new characters introduced this week, voiced by Shiraishi Ryoko and Hayami Saori. Mmhm, they seem to be able to see aberrations. Interesting.

Still waiting to see what's Tsukihi's connection. She didn't appear for the entire of this episode! ;A;

I want more Tsukihi! D<

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