Amagami SS+ – 10

Well done Junichi, you’ve gotten your act together!

Junichi decides that the best way for him to help Sae go through the responsibilities and duties of the Founder’s Day planning committee president is to offer her moral support.

Eh, I could’ve done that too. *pouts* (Except I’m forever alone.

Well, it does make Sae stronger (I suppose) and uh, finally it’s Founder’s Day!

W-Whoa there, Sae. Totally didn’t expect this coming from Sae.

…I didn’t expect this. Toroko wwww

Awwwwwww. ;_;

W-Wait, 8 years later?!

Mini-Sae! \o/

And another mini-Sae ver.2 in the making! God, Junichi you’re good.

With that, the Sae arc comes to and end. Another satisfying arc, I would say. The storywriting seems to get better as the show progresses.

So, does this mean the Haruka arc’ll be the best? Saving the best for last?

With a title like that, definitely.

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