Nisemonogatari – 10

Poor Tsukihi.

(Also, what’s with Karen’s face www)

Koyomi… .______.

Nobody’s going to forget that toothbrush scene, Koyomi.

Says the helpful, reliable, older brother.

“I’m telling you not to dress like that, so I’ll take it off for you.”

The point of no redemption, Koyomi.

…Oh god.

Because he’s Koyomi.

So like, you strip your sister because you wanted to check if the scar on her chest was there?


…I’m calling the cops.

And now he’s resorting to stepping on his sister.

And making weird noises.

…I agree.

They’d probably get strange ideas about you even if it was taken into context.

On to Shinobu, mmhm donuts.

Oh, so that Kagenui woman’s a specialist like Oshino? Should’ve known.



Oh, so Kaiki reveals that Kagenui and Yotsugi are exorcists…of immortal creatures. Hurr, I smell something brewing.

Tsukihi wwwwww





…Wait, what?

So Tsukihi’s immortal? Hurrrrrr.

Well congratulations Koyomi, the imouto route’s right open for you now.

Woah woah, info dump episode. Kagenui’s coming back to kill Tsukihi next week, how’s Koyomi going to handle her?

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