Nisemonogatari – 11

Oh god, adult Shinobu is hawt.

And pretty badass, too.

Can't deny that fact.

Meanwhile, Koyomi shows his affections to Tsukihi while fighting Kagenui.

Which doesn’t end very well. Ouch.

Actually, Yotsugi isn’t doing any better.

Woah woah, Koyomi and hero-talk.

Damn you Koyomi why you cool.

And after such a brutal fight Koyomi gets to come home to his sister’s “Okaeri!”. Damn, why so lucky?!

Awwwwwww. ;_;

Looks like it’s finally over. Pity, it was one of my favorite shows this season. Looks like I have to write my final thoughts already—

Oya oya, there’s more? Woohoo! ^_^

So I guess I’ll get to postpone my final thoughts then. :D

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