Oh, the horror.

Oh rejoice, for it's my first post about my life in a month.

I got myself in the mood to make a life post. Hooray.

So like, yesterday I was watching this Taiwanese variety show (yes, Taiwanese), and then there was this segment whereby they had females go on stage and present their faces before and after makeup. So yeah you have the “WOAH SHE LOOKS TERRIBAD BEFORE MAKEUP” and “WOAH SHE LOOKS LIKE AN ANGEL AFTER MAKEUP” comments all over the place, and apparently there was a competition to see who presented the biggest change after makeup.

This got me thinking. Many females nowadays are probably like this, preferring to doll themselves up in makeup (well, which girl wouldn’t want to make themselves look prettier?). Is makeup really helping things? One could argue that makeup helps those who look rather plain and unattractive look much better, but I was thinking that makeup could also perhaps make people lose sight of who they really are. Like, they start to rely excessively on makeup? Things like that?

I’m probably not in any position to comment absolutely on these kind of things since I’m a guy and would probably never apply makeup on myself, but the show just got me thinking. And since I’m prone to random thoughts so here I am making this post.

To end it off, isn’t it quite shocking to find that your girlfriend looks so much different before and after makeup? Speaking from a guy’s point of view, it does sound quite horrifying.

Then again, I’m foreveralone, so I don’t think I’m in any position to comment either. xD

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