Amagami SS+ – 12

Oh, all my jelly, Junichi.

Oh, that negligee~

Wonderful piece of clothing there.

Oh no, Junichi DAI-PINCHI desu!





To be able to pull off something like this, gosh you got balls man, Junichi. I would never be able to do this, ohoho.

Having said that, it’s a bit unrealistic to do this irl, though.

Congratulations Junichi, looks like that totally won Haruka over.

There there, Maya-sensei.

I’m jealous too! ;A;

Oh Haruka was only going to England for a week. .______.

Oh well, it turned out pretty well in the end~

D’awwwwwwww awesome happy ending.

Also, nice dress there, Miya.

Looks like I wasn’t wrong to say that they saved the best for last. Best arc indeed. Junichi proved that he’s not always useless. I expected it but gosh, that declaration was so boss.

I would do final thoughts, but it looks like…

There’s more Amagami SS+ next week! The one-episode Miya arc special? Woohoo~

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