After the march, April comes.

Before we all knew it, it was already April.

One quarter of the year’s already passed, time really flies fast.

Spring season starts this week! Gonna have to get used to the new schedules and pick a few shows to blog about. Maybe all the shows Aki-chan star in Spring? Ohoho.

Oh, I still have Inu x Boku SS to complete by this week. And that Amagami SS+ 13 post to make.

Also, Medicinal Chemistry test tomorrow. Sigh. Time’s getting a bit tighter these few weeks.

Somehow I feel like writing posts about my life more frequently. Must be because there’s a whole lot more shit going on in my life. Not mentioning names, but they’re seriously just pissing me off.

On a separate note, I don’t write posts for everyone to understand. If you find that you can’t understand my anime posts please do watch it or something? Or you could just not read the posts (since you probably wouldn’t be able to understand anyway).

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