Amagami SS+ 13

Obligatory fanservice onsen episode which I haven’t been bothered to write since Tuesday.

So yeah, nothing much happened this episode (story-wise), with an onsen episode instead. Oh well, at least we get some comedy and fanservice.

Why yes, my dear Miya.

Dem boobs.

Risa and Keiko talking to each other in the lounge was pretty amusing, since they’re both voiced by Kadowaki Mai. Kadowaki Mai talking to herself ww.

(Thanks to kousakakiririn for pointing that out. :D)

Also, abstinence salt LOLLOL. Apparently Junichi’s now clean and doesn’t desire ero things. Come back to us, Junichi (even though you’re useless)!

Alright, so Amagami SS+’s finally done. Mixed feelings about this. While it didn’t start out very well, the Haruka arc at the end had Junichi being totally BOSS and Haruka being absolutely lovely. I wouldn’t call this anime the anime of the season, but it wasn’t half bad either.

So, now that this is wrapped up, I need to decide what series to blog on next. Medaka Box? Natsuiro Kiseki? Or maybe Saki Achiga-hen?

2 thoughts on “Amagami SS+ 13

    1. thatredsky Post author

      I’m thinking of doing that, although the drama right at the start of Natsuiro Kiseki kinda put me off.

      I’m more inclined towards Medaka Box/Saki Achiga-hen though. :D


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