Haiyore! Nyaruko – 01

This goddess is cute,

Is an otaku,

Claims to love the protagonist at first sight (which I’m incredibly jealous of),

Has a Pokemon some dragon-like creature named Shanta,

Dat crowbar.

Is pretty skilled at Space Close-Quarter Combat (and is pretty brutal with it, too),

And is actually pretty perverted.

I like this goddess already!

Really like Asumin as Nyaruko, her perverted voice’s really amazing wwww

Also, KitaEri as Yahiro! Coincidentally, his friend Yoichi’s voiced by Hataru Watano so this is… Miu and her Oji-san? ww

There isn’t actually much of a plot here but, just watching it for the lulz is enough. <3

Looking forward to more Nyaruko next week!

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