Saki: Achiga-hen – 01

New series of Saki, new character introduced! Voiced by our dear Kana-tan!

Being able to keep all dora for herself…wow that’s pretty deadly if she can put her hand together. Just the yaku from the dora alone…wow she can easily get a yakuman with that (correct me if I’m wrong).

Apart from that, introductory episode, nothing much. Oh, and there were two other new characters, voiced by Aoi Yukki and Touyama Nao! Really loving the seiyuu cast for Saki: Achiga-hen. I suppose the focus will be on the girls from Achiga High, but it would be good if I could see Saki do her rinshan kaihou again. I wanna hear Ueda Kana say “Kan!” again! :D

Also, mini-Nodoka! Pretty well-endowed even for a sixth-grade student in elementary school… :P

Her future sure lies bright.

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