Saki: Achiga-hen – 03

7 dora baiman, ohohoho.

What a beautiful hand.

Oh wow, it’s already the Nationals. And it took Kiyosumi 16 episodes to reach the Nationals. Well yeah, Nara isn’t full of particularly strong schools… (especially after Bansei lost spectacularly to Achiga).



Before that, training camps (as per Saki-style)!

I can tell that much, Shizu.

Ryuumonbuchi as their first training partner. You got guts, Shizu.

YuiKaori as Toki and Ryuuka from Senriyama!

And the Achiga girls meet Saki. Hohoho Saki~


4 thoughts on “Saki: Achiga-hen – 03

  1. ciddypoo

    I actually like that nationals are hitting now. The first series really seemed to drag on (I couldn’t believe that it was practically two seasons for one tournament), so I’m happy that we skipped straight to seeing Saki and co as the S-class untouchables for the tournament.

  2. thatredsky Post author

    Well, yeah I guess you do have a point.

    In retrospect, damn I wish they’d made the Nationals for Saki shorter and then animate the Eisui/Himematsu/Kiyosumi/Miyamori match. Then again, the manga wasn’t even that far ahead, so I guess that’s why they had to drag the matches.

    Plus, Nagano’s full of monsters. xD

    1. ciddypoo

      I never looked into the Achiga-hen manga, so I really didn’t know what to expect. All I read was “side story,” and I was immediately disinterested. I wanted to keep seeing the Saki-gumi in nationals.

      Lo and behold, 3 episodes in and I’m already catching glimpses. I am extremely happy about this, since I thought that as a side-story, this series would just branch off on its own. Had I known that Nodoka was the key between both series, I would’ve tried to follow this one a lot more closely (imagine my surprise when I saw a young, pink-haired girl at the beginning of episode 1 … I was like, “is that … Nodoka … ? No, that can’t — IT IS?!?!”

      I was hooked at that point.

  3. thatredsky Post author

    I’m just interested to see how a school with relatively normal people (that is, no hax mahjong abilities) would do in nationals.

    Also, the seiyuu cast’s amazing.


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