Saki: Achiga-hen – 04

Well uh okay, good luck with that, Achiga girls.

Anyway, the fight to the top continues!

As Kuro continues to rape her opponents with her dora.

The first round of the Nationals’ now over, but it seems that Achiga will have to play Senriyama for the next round. And it would seem that they’ve studied and found Kuro’s weak point so Kuro’s in quite some trouble next round.

Also, Kuro’s opponent will be Onjoji Toki who, in case anyone forgot, is voiced by Ogura Yui. Yay!

Speaking of which, apparently Arisa Noto and Maho Matsunaga are also voicing characters in Senriyama. Which means, the entirety of StylipS is in Senriyama! Woohoo!

Uh yeah, took me quite a while to realize that.

Lastly, Saki made an appearance in this episode, along with Yuki, Ikeda Kana and Kyoutaro! Gosh, missed that voice so much.

Spin, spin, spin!

Also, watching Saki watch the clothes in the washing machine spin was pretty amusing.

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