Hyouka – 04

What do I think? This house is FREAKING huge.

This… is where Chitanda Eru lives. .________________________________________.

And aaaaaah it’s Eru in an apron! AHHHHHHHH!

Oh, and I wanna try those onigiri!

I digress.

Back to what the episode’s about though, the members of the Classics Club gather in Eru’s house and discuss their theories on the incident that led to Sekitani Jun’s (that’s Eru’s uncle in case anyone forgot) expulsion from Kamiyama High.

They all produce their individual findings and theories (well, at least Eru and Mayaka did), which is kinda impressive in of itself. But what truly takes it away is Houtarou’s (as usual) conclusion of the findings and theories of the rest of the club members. Damn, his ability to link things together is crazy. I wish I had that kind of ability.

Anyway, it looks like the incident regarding Eru’s uncle’s over (for now). What’s going to happen next, I wonder?

In a separate note, I wonder what significance the title (of the show and of the anthology) “Hyouka” holds. I do know that it means “frozen sweets”, but it doesn’t really mean anything to the show or to the anthologies. I do hope it’ll be addressed in due time.

Also, the animation this episode was slick as usual. Ah, gotta love KyoAni for these!

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