Hyouka – 05

Waaaaait, what? That’s the meaning behind the title of the anthology Hyouka? Hyouka is simply “ice cream” in Japanese and uh… Ice cream -> I scream?

Yes, it’s so bad that even Satoshi’s facepalming.

So in the end it was just a pun used to express Sekitani Jun’s feelings? I’m mindblown.

Putting that “lame” pun aside though, this episode was rather mindblowing. Firstly Houtarou finds out that his theory might not be complete after all, and that Sekitani Jun might not have been the hero that sacrificed himself out of his own will. Then he links this back to the person who wrote the preface and finds out it was actually the librarian. Lastly he confirms it with the librarian who provides us with the missing piece of the puzzle. Apparently Sekitani Jun was the scapegoat of the incident 45 years ago. Well, he’s a hero in some sense.

But seriously though, Houtarou has some pretty hax deduction skills, uncovering the person behind the preface. It’s just…amazing.

Also, apparently the Kanya festival is a wordplay on Sekitani Jun’s name (the kanji for Sekitani can be re-read as Kanya). So the Kamiyama High Cultural Festival was actually unofficially called “Kanya Festival” as a tribute to the “hero” that was sacrificed, Sekitani Jun. Well this is pretty…deep.

Having said that, the case of Sekitani Jun is now closed. Also, the meaning behind the anthology has been revealed as well (lame pun is lame lol), so…

New arc next episode? :D

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