Haiyore! Nyaruko – 07

Mahiro’s mom gives the “go” sign! You still have a chance, Nyaruko!

Suddenly, Higurashi-style face.

Uwah uwah, yandere face.

Mahiro delivers the hammer of truth down on Nyaruko.

Okay sorry Nyaruko no more chance.

Cthuko taking advantage of the situation wwwww

Mahiro tries to pacify Nyaruko afterwards. Aww.

But uh he’s not very good at doing it, is he? ._.

But it seems to do the trick anyway.

Nyaruko www

Well, the episode ended with a walk along the beach and a rather emotional moment (relative to the rest of the series, of course). Didn’t…expect that. Kinda expected Nyaruko to make some joke but nope.

Oh, and it seems that Shanta has found himself a new friend?

Seriously though wtf is that white thing? A ray?

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