Hyouka – 06

Angry Mayaka!

I’ll have some tea and cakes along with that, please.

Chitanda tries too hard.

And while they’re on the topic of being angry, they discuss how Chitanda never seems to get angry…

And proceed to tease her.

Chitandael indeed.

Well, Eru did get mad, and in the process she remembers the incident that happened this morning.

And we have our mystery for the episode!

Welp, there’s no escape from Eru.

Wait what?!

That’s it? Wow, talk about being anticlimatic.

Well, I guess it’s another mystery solved.

With that, Hyouka 06 ends. UHHHHHH kinda anticlimatic but, I guess a mystery’s a mystery, eh?

Also, you can’t escape from Eru. Ever.

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