Hyouka – 12


Somehow, I thought Mayaka was incredibly cute during this cultural festival episode. Somehow her blaming herself for the mistake and feeling awkward cosplaying dressing as “Frolbericheri Frol” (Actually, who’s that?) was kinda moe, ahaha. MUST BE THE SEIYUU. MUST BE THE SEIYUU.

Can you imagine Kayano Ai doing that in the real world? I CAN.

Apart from Mayaka, enjoy some Eru as well~

Where can I buy these photos?

Eru getting distracted while trying to sell copies of Hyouka was incredibly cute too (as if she isn’t normally).

Good job, Photography Club!

It was quite an interesting episode this time round. No mysteries of any sort, Houtarou must find it a good break.

Also, LOL @ Satoshi. Wtf was with that Saturn? ww

Chitanda Holmes!

Lastly, new OP! What, is this a Hyouka x Milky Holmes crossover? www

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